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The 21st Century Wedding Essentials

The 21st Century Wedding Essentials

Creating an online space for your special occasions is a definite must for any 21st century couple who wants to make putting together their big day just a little bit easier.

ARRANZIE’s E- Occasion Package creates an essential online space for your special occasion, which includes

Website as a helpdesk
A wedding website is a quick way to let your guest know the important details about your occasion like, directions to the venue, occasion theme information, picture gallery, guest list and other useful information about the upcoming nuptial.

Invite Video
In this modern day as the majority of the people have become technology lovers. So, most of the invitations are sent in electronic form and It's Super Easy to Create A Video With ARRANZIE.

More and more couples are also opting for e-invites because the options are just as stylish, design-led and fit for the occasion as traditional stationery.

Whether you just got engaged or your wedding is days away, you're probably in need of a wedding GIF (or two) to truly capture all the emotions you're feeling.

Between the florists, caterers, dresses and relatives, planning a wedding can make your head spin. An E-Occasion package can help keep all the details together and provide a central place for guests to find everything they need for your special day. That means you spend less time answering questions and more time doing the fun stuff, like tasting desserts :)

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